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Camaro VIN Tag
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1973 Camaro Type LT

1973 Camaro VIN Tag


VIN: 1S87H3N140195                                 (Second Generation Camaro)
                                                                1973 Camaro Type LT Coupe
                                                                Built at: Norwood Assembly
                                                                Unit number: 40195

Length: 188.5 Inches / Height: 49.1 Inches
Width: 74.4 Inches / Curb Weight: 3689 

Wheelbase: 108.0 Inches / This Car Weight: 3420lbs



1973 Production: 96,751 vehicles total

6-Cylinder: 3,614

Type LT: 32,327        Z-28 Option: 11,574       Rally Sport Option: 11,364


1973 FACTS

  The Type LT was new for 1973. Unlike the Super Sport option it replaced, the Type LT was a separate model with a unique code in its vehicle identification number (VIN). Type LT could be combined with the Z28, Rally Sport, or both.

  This was the last Camaro to offer the striking Rally Sport front styling treatment which debuted in 1970. Stronger mounting brackets and other hardware enabled the small Rally Sport bumpers to meet 1973's more stringent front collision requirements. Bumpers for non-Rally Sport 1973 models had rubber-faced vertical bumper guards, stronger mounting brackets, tubular reinforcing braces, and a support bar behind the bumper.

  Power windows became available late in the 1973 production run. Controls were console-mounted, so the optional console was required. Power windows had not been available in Camaros since the 1969.

  The stirrup-handle shift selector for automatic transmissions was replaced with a more conventional, single-handle selector.

  Starting in 1973, the two-speed Powerglide automatic was not available.

  Solid valve lifters were replaced by hydraulic lifters in the 1973 Z28, permitting air conditioning to be combined with the Z28 for the first time in the Camaro's history. Net horsepower for the Z28 engine decreased from 255hp to 245hp. Other 1973 Z28 changes included a Holly carburetor to replace the Rochester Quadrajet, a cast iron intake manifold to replace aluminum, and a lower retail price.

  Full-foam rear seats replaced the spring-style of earlier years.

  Door impact beams were stronger for increased side impact protection.

  The optional center console was a completely new design for 1973.

 Recovery systems were added to prevent expansion coolant loss.

  The previously optional, sport steering wheel (four-spoke) was standard equipment for 1973. The horn cap varied for different applications.

  Improvements were made to 1973 Camaro seat belts. These included new buckles with reduced release effort, a positive attachment latching sound, and rigid inboard boot straps for easier location and attachment.

  A space-saver spare tire was available optionally in 1968-69 Camaros, but it wasn't available again until the 1973 model as RPO N65.

  The five-digit manufacturer's code was 1FQ87 for both base six-cylinder and V8 Camaros in 1973, and 1FS87 for the Type LT.

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